Music Action Figure

Era > Pre-1980 (1/3)

  • Kiss Smiti Playset Modified With Speackers And More Realistic Figures + Lights
  • Kiss Alive Ll Stage Boxed Set And 3 3/4 Action Figures Super Modified
  • Kiss Creatures Lighted Stage Boxed Set And Figures With Two Extra Guitars
  • Mego Kiss Dolls Rare Skinny Versions 1977 1st Run
  • Kiss Alive Ll Super Stage 3 3/4 Figures Modified With Lightshow And Speakers Set
  • Kiss Mego 1977 Full Set Of 4 Figures All Complete Wow
  • Kiss Super Stage Figures The Starchild And The Demon
  • New! Jimi Hendrix 2 At Monterey 2004 Mcfarlane Figure Unopened
  • Misfits 12in Punk Rock Musicians Wolfgang And Jerry. 2 Figures For $125
  • Kiss Alive Special Boxed Set Edition Super Stage Figures Mcfarlane 2002
  • Kiss Creatures Special Boxed Limited Edition Super Stage Figures Mcfarlane 2002
  • Freddie Mercury Live At Wembley Stadium Bandai Music Action Figure Original New